Fibracast is the global innovator and manufacturer of the advanced MBR membrane, FibrePlate™

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Learning from the old but forging ahead with the new, innovation is all about trying when others simply conform. FibrePlate™ is the result of people imagining what a membrane should be and not what others are willing to accept. FibrePlate™ raises the bar on performance with its unique membrane design while delivering great customer experience through the support and dedication of the people behind it.


Fibracast was started in August of 2010 by the original pioneers and innovators of immersed Hollow Fibre technology with the intent of solving the problems plaguing conventional UF technology. Knowing that membrane designs have not changed over the past 20+ years, Fibracast knew that a simple design modification or introduction of a new aeration technique was not the answer; a new membrane design was needed. Starting with a clean slate and with over 25 years of global operational experience, Fibracast set out and created a new membrane design but in a turn of events discovered something greater, a new technology called FibrePlate™. Smaller foot print, greater flows and better performance are delivered through a unique hybrid design while better control, reduced costs and easier operations are achieved through its innovative hydraulics and dual scouring technology.     FibrePlate, “Performance Delivered”!


FibrePlate™ is manufactured within a world class facility taking full advantage of today’s production technologies. Re-imagining what membrane performance should be starts with the tools to produce it. Conventional membrane design, developed 20 years ago, was limited based on the technologies available to produce it. Today, using modern technology, there are no limits. Tolerances, quality and accuracy needed to produce FibrePlate, is easily achieved with the aid of robotics, optical encoding, lasers and artificial intelligence, making the once impossible, possible.

“incredible technology can be developed, but not realised, if the technology to produce it does not exist.”

Drawing on over 25 years of research, engineering and global operations, Fibracast set out to solve the ongoing client problems of:

  • Fiber breakage
  • Sludging
  • High cleaning frequencies
  • High operation costs

The result, FibrePlate™. An innovative membrane offering, combing Hollow Fiber and Flat Plate UF membrane technology into a new hybrid solution. Today, Fibracast manufactures the FibrePlate™ membrane at its world class state-of-the-art manufacturing facility located in Hamilton, Ontario.


Board of Directors

Peter Van Schaik

(Board Member)

  • Founder and former-CEO of Van-Rob Inc. that consolidated with Kirchhoff Automotive, a global automotive parts supplier on three continents
  • Currently involved in developing and launching new products
  • Currently building a real estate investment company, purchasing industrial and commercial properties
  • Serving as a director on a few charitable and business organizations

Steve Watzeck

(Board Member and CEO)

  • Former CEO of Anaergia Inc. (TSX:ANRG)
  • Past President and General Manager of Zenon Environment Inc.
  • Past President and General Manager of Engineered Systems at GE Water and Process Technologies
  • 25+ experience developing and leading global sales and operations within the water/wastewater industry

Dr. Andrew Benedek

(Board Member)

  • Founder, Chairman & former CEO of Anaergia Inc. (TSX:ANRG)
  • Founder and former CEO of Zenon Environmental Inc. (TSX listed)
  • Established Zenon Environmental Inc., the world’s largest ultra-filtration and membrane bioreactor company (prior to GE Water Acquisition)

Shirley Speakman

(Board Member)

  • Senior Partner with Cycle Capital a leading climate tech investment fund with more than $600M AUM
  • Spearheaded financings, M&As and recently took a company public on the NYSE in excess of $1B
  • Experienced in industrial scale ups and growth stage companies
  • Recognized as one of Canada’s Clean 16 and one of Canada’s Inspiring Fifty
  • Professional designations: ICD.d, MBA, B.Eco.

Wes Neichenbauer

(Board Observer)

  • Currently CFO and Co-President of Rowntree Enterprises Inc.
  • Extensive experience in the automotive, asset-based lending and real estate industries
  • Previously worked in Investment Banking
  • Professional designations: CPA, CA (Canada)


We had two engineering firms, a government agency and the City all do individual assessments of five different membrane suppliers looking at CAPEX, OPEX and operational benefits. Fibracast was the unanimous decision. We believe in the company and their technology.

Dale Scott, Manager of Water and Wastewater Utilities, City of Selkirk, Manitoba
Fibracast was selected to replace our original membranes due to significant footprint and energy savings plus their unique operational robustness. Based on almost 2 years of proven performance, we are doing a second project with Fibracast.
Todd Temen, Wastewater Plant Superintendent, City of Delphos, Ohio

Please pass my congratulations to the team. Really you process 3 times the flow in half the footprint. Not hard to figure out you guys are on to something remarkable.

Percy Nolan, ESG Operations Manager
The Sterling Natural Resource Center is an opportunity to embrace the advancements of wastewater treatment, together with Fibracast and the project team we are making a commitment to the next generation of membrane technology.
John Mura, General Manager/CEO, East Valley Water District
East Valley has set out to construct a state-of-the art facility, true to this effort we have committed to using the membranes of the future.
Jeff Noelte, Director of Engineering and Operations, East Valley Water District