Client Support Services

Fibracast offers a full range of products, services and training in support of our client’s operations and needs.

What makes us different

Design, Start-Up, Commissioning and Performance Testing

Fibracast works closely with the owner, staff and engineering consultant to understand the project objectives and preference in which to optimize design and operations. Collaboration and communication throughout the whole execution process provides for a smooth and trouble-free start-up and commissioning.

Operator Training and Refresher Training

Operator training is critical to the project’s success. Training starts right at the design stage and continues through to pre-commissioning, commissioning and post commissioning.

Client Emergency Support

Fibracast has a client support person assigned 24/7 with a backup. This person receives any critical plant alarms and has remote access to go online to help the plant’s operation staff trouble shoot any issues.

Remote Access Monitoring and Optimization Support

Every Fibracast municipal plant has a remote access via Team Viewer software to the HMI and PLC. This access also provides regular downloads of plant data for a Fibracast process engineer to review and provide optimization recommendations on a monthly or quarterly basis.

Preventative Maintenance Visits

Fibracast can set up an annual preventative maintenance schedule. Fibracast representation will be available for the first annual visit and as required thereafter.

Spare Parts

Fibracast will provide a recommended critical spare parts list for every project. A comprehensive spare parts list is kept in the client defined web portal. Regardless of when a plant was commissioned, an inventory list of parts, drawings and PI&D’s will always be available to clients through Fibracast.

Water & Wastewater Treatment Services

Fibracast provides wastewater treatment services, water treatment and purification services and can provide assistance and services in the decontamination of hazardous material by effective removal of bacteria, viruses, pathogens, phosphates and other materials.

Engineering Services Wastewater Treatment

Fibracast provides technical consultation in the field of environmental engineering, water, wastewater and microbiological analysis, as well as scientific research in environmental protection.