Evolution Meets Innovation

Industrial wastewater’s need to treat and remove harmful contaminants prior to discharging into sewers, lakes and rivers. Today many industrial treatment systems are being challenged by the introduction of lower discharge requirements on phosphorous and nitrogen. FibrePlate is an ideal solution in meeting discharge requirements as it is a true UF membrane, easily rejecting contaminants, bacteria and viruses. Robust, flexible and compact, performance is assured over its design life. Utilising innovative dual membrane scouring, direct RAS feed and “Free-Flow” passages, new levels in membrane performance are achieved. FibrePlate, the inevitable evolution in membrane technology!

FibrePlate™, Making Possible from
the Impossible

  • Ability to meet current and future discharge regulations
  • Wastewater reuse for direct and indirect applications
  • Increasing plant capacity within an existing footprint
  • Reducing operating costs within constrained budgets
  • Flexible operations for optimised performance


We had two engineering firms, a government agency and the City all do individual assessments of five different membrane suppliers looking at CAPEX, OPEX and operational benefits. Fibracast was the unanimous decision. We believe in the company and their technology.

Dale Scott, Manager of Water and Wastewater Utilities, City of Selkirk, Manitoba
Fibracast was selected to replace our original membranes due to significant footprint and energy savings plus their unique operational robustness. Based on almost 2 years of proven performance, we are doing a second project with Fibracast.
Todd Temen, Wastewater Plant Superintendent, City of Delphos, Ohio

Please pass my congratulations to the team. Really you process 3 times the flow in half the footprint. Not hard to figure out you guys are on to something remarkable.

Percy Nolan, ESG Operations Manager
The Sterling Natural Resource Center is an opportunity to embrace the advancements of wastewater treatment, together with Fibracast and the project team we are making a commitment to the next generation of membrane technology.
John Mura, General Manager/CEO, East Valley Water District
East Valley has set out to construct a state-of-the art facility, true to this effort we have committed to using the membranes of the future.
Jeff Noelte, Director of Engineering and Operations, East Valley Water District

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